This book is a Get Out of Jail Free card and a passport back into the playground.

The aim of this book is to set you free. But free from what? Free from neurosis. Free from the feeling that you have to obey authority. Free from emotional intimidation. Free from addiction. Free from inhibition.

The key to happiness, mental health and being the most that we can be is absolute and unconditional self-acceptance. The paradox is that many of our problems are caused by trying to improve ourselves, censor our thinking, make up for past misdeeds and struggling with our negative feelings whether of depression or aggression.

But if we consider ourselves in our entirety in this very moment, we know these things :

1. Anything we have done is in the past and cannot be changed, thus it is pointless to do anything else but accept it. No regrets or guilt.

2. While our actions can harm others, our thoughts and emotions, in and of themselves, never can. So we should accept them and allow them to be and go where they will. While emotions sometimes drive actions, those who completely accept their emotions and allow themselves to feel them fully, have more choice over how they act in the light of them.

Self-criticism never made anyone a better person. Anyone who does a “good deed” under pressure from their conscience or to gain the approval of others takes out the frustration involved in some other way. The basis for loving behaviour towards others is the ability to love ourselves. And loving ourselves unconditionally, means loving ourselves exactly as we are at this moment.

This might seem to be complacency, but in fact the natural activity of the individual is healthy growth, and what holds us back from it is fighting with those things we can’t change and the free thought and emotional experience which is the very substance of that growth.

How to Be Free is available as a free ebook from Smashwords, iBooks in some countries, Kobo and Barnes & Noble

It is also available in paperback from Lulu or Amazon for $10 US, plus postage.

The ebook version currently has received 576 ***** out of ***** ratings on U.S. iBooks.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Paperback Edition of "How to Be Free" Now Available on Amazon!

How to Be Free has been very successful as a free ebook. I decided to do a print-on-demand paperback version through Lulu because this makes it possible to get it into some libraries and maybe a few book shops. So far it is early days and I've only sold a couple of copies, but I have submitted it for the library selection system in Australia. I also intend to donate copies to libraries which don't chose to buy it, so any profit I might make on sales will help to fund that project.

Recently I was able to sign up for a free promotion campaign with Lulu so that the book can be sold by all of the Amazon stores (U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France). For some reason the Canadian site has it listed as "unavailable" but I'm sure that will change. It should also become available through some other on-line bookstores eventually.

My good friend The Happy Looker has posted a review on Amazon :

If you would like to help out, consider posting a review on Amazon. If you have written a review elsewhere you can always cut and paste it. Or consider requesting your local library to purchase a copy. If the book was helpful to you, think of the satisfaction of knowing you are bringing the same kind of help to others by putting it somewhere they may find it.

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